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7103 Baker's Bridge Avenue, Suite 101, Brentwood, Tennessee, 37027

  • Transparent Pricing:

  • Nashville Construction is different from many other construction companies in that we do true cost plus pricing. We present actual invoices to our clients with no hidden costs and no add-ons., It is our cost plus our management fee, period.

  • Warranty:

    We pride ourselves on quick follow-up should you have any concerns after move-in. When a client has a warranty related issue it is our goal to prioritize the need and quickly have a repair crew notified. Just ask our clients how responsive we are to their needs. They are our best marketing!

  • Experience of Superintendents:

    We strive to give your custom home the attention it deserves. We hire more superintendents per our workload than most any other homebuilder in this area. Our superintendents are not overworked and have a minimal number of projects in order to give you quality supervision over your project.  
  • Continuing Education:

    We have weekly staff meetings and training sessions. Every week our superintendents are trained in new aspects of building techniques. What this means to you is you have the most up-to-date, knowledgeable staff coordinating your project which will result in less delays and higher quality results in your custom home.

  • NCC has gone "Green!":

    Nashville Construction is proud to be among a select group of Green Advantage Certified Builders nationwide, with knowledge of the latest in “green” building practices, technologies and techniques. NCC offers today’s environmentally-conscious client a home that is energy- and- water efficient, durable, disaster resistant, healthier and environmentally friendly. The cumulative effect of large scale green building can have enormous benefits for the community, the nation and the planet.

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To discuss your dream home with a member of the team at NCC, call 615-306-6419 We’ll get started on making your dreams come true today!

You can reach other members of the NCC team by calling 615-306-6419

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